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For more than 20 years Jaques Stanmore Financial Group (JSFG) has been providing clients with a complete portfolio of professional services including accounting, audit, bookkeeping, business consulting and taxation services. Its 20 person team services clients ranging from start-up businesses and SMEs to high net worth individuals.

JSFG was looking to not only enhance the security of its client data but to streamline practice productivity levels, especially relating to Australian Tax Office (ATO) documentation. Via industry word of mouth referral, the business matched its requirements against CCH Paper Buster. Read more…

The Adelaide, and soon to be expanded to Asia, Mackenzie Strategic Accountants (Mackenzie Strategic) provides accounting and tax services to private and family-owned businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals.

Specialist advisory services are provided for clients' taxation liabilities and obligations; succession and estate planning; growth strategies; regional and international expansion and the complex arena of self managed superannuation funds. 

Today the future-focused firm is electing to take the management of its practice to the cloud, capitalising on the opportunity to restructure its growing business to better meet market demands for both low margin commodity and higher margin specialist accounting and tax services. Read more…

1. Ilumin implemented the CCH iFirm tax solution to streamline its preparation and filing of income tax returns with the New Zealand Inland Revenue saving hundreds of hours annually. 

2. The practice replaced up to five stand-alone software packages for accounting and administration with CCH iFirm Practice Manager. They gained a modern approach to professional accounting, integration of job management to reduce the costly multiple handling of documents and a roadmap for greater efficiency. 

3. ilumin enhanced the integrity of its job scheduling and allocation to accountants with CCH iFirm Practice Manager. It has streamlined the planning of recurring jobs and the practice has a better understanding of current workloads for each accountant and each client job. Challenges such as scope creep, lack of visibility and resource allocation have been soundly solved.  Read more…

Making the Numbers and the Technology Stack up

I was recently asked how I became involved in the accounting space and my answer surprised the person who asked the question because I answered 'I didn't know what I wanted to do when I left school'. Straight away a comment was made that I had developed a very strong and successful career path for more than two decades around the world for someone that never planned it like that.

This observation reinforced to me that my career has had a strong path because I love the combination of technology and working with customers. And this stands true today in my role as Regional Product Manager for CCH iFirm. 

Numbers always stack up for accountants but over time the management of Information Technology (IT) systems and the time that this has taken them away from the practice, hasn't. This is not the area of expertise for a majority of partners and their teams and if you add this in with the time drain of compliance activities, it is a doubly whammy for 'things that don't add value' for virtually every accountant in the country. Read more…

In 2015 - Mark Charter, Partner, MF Partners – shared his insights on how CCH iFirm pioneered a move to the cloud and implemented a 'work from anywhere' approach for the practice. 

Cloud helps you Remain Focused on the Business of Accounting 

Managing the information technology (IT) infrastructure to keep MF Partners Chartered Accountants (MF Partners) and two office locations connected was an unsustainable cost and time overhead for the MF Partners' executive team. 

Following astute technical advice almost a decade ago, MF Partners pioneered a move to the cloud, eradicating both the traditional network and the associated issues of upgrades, hardware and downtime for the practice. 

Having already proven the benefits of cloud, when their existing network-based practice management software was up for review, this innovative practice took the opportunity to implement a 'work from anywhere' mobile approach. Ideally it would also be the turning point to remove paper from the practice.  Read more…

Blyth Partners Opts for CCH iFirm Specialist Cloud Software to Deliver Technical and Practice Efficiencies

With Allister Blyth, Partner at Blyth Partners

Business Advisors and Accountants, Blyth Partners operates a 10-person practice in Perth that has developed a niche providing virtual CFO services through cloud based real time accounting solutions to businesses across Australia. Allister Blyth recently shared his thoughts on what he looks for in specialist accounting cloud software.

Why cloud-based technology and why now?

We were looking for technology driven improvements across the board – from internal efficiencies to delivering the highest quality technical results and customer service, and tools to support our growth.    Read more…

Future Cloud Investment

Last year in our research, "Can the accounting profession keep up with clients and the cloud" we heard from our research partner about the future for cloud. According to capioIT, we may now be entering the tipping point "where the hype of potential outcomes from technology meets the reality". Things like accelerated adoption of cloud technology across enterprise and government is also a factor in adoption.

So for cloud let's look at what has happened in the past six months in the wider business community and assess how this could be an indicator for future growth?

Well the cloud infrastructure service providers have been working on a range of applications and business services for all sizes of companies and the bottom line is looking good for them. In fact the world's biggest players – Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM and Salesforce – raked in US$16 billion in 2014. Read more…

CCH iFirm Cloud Tax for Australia

Learn about the NEW CCH iFirm Cloud Tax Solution: bringing you automated real-time tax updates, expert content, easy functionality, electronic lodgement of returns and streamlined conversion making it easy to move.

The latest cloud-based tax solution, from Wolters Kluwer, CCH – trusted by accountants for over 45 years.

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With Craig Weston, Director, Inspired Accountants

Inspired Accountants is one of Auckland's most dynamic professional practices. Craig Weston spoke to CCH about his firm's transformation using CCH iFirm.

CCH – Craig, can you explain where your practice was at and what was holding it back? 

Craig Weston: Inspired Accountants is a team of six people who are passionate about making a difference for our many clients. We take pride in providing efficient accounting and tax services, financial coaching and advice, plus cloud software set up and support to New Zealand business. And we also have specialist areas looking after the needs of franchise operators and the education sector.

We operate as a virtual professional accountancy practice, with our group plus contractors coming together fortnightly to physically meet and set practice priorities. It was critical to have a holistic view of clients and our workloads if we were to improve customer service as well as our productivity and profitability.

Each accounting professional works with a range of clients and is expected to meet an agreed benchmark for billable activities. We needed to better manage daily, weekly, monthly and annual work in progress to reduce bottlenecks and smooth out client service delivery times. Read more…

Cloud accounting is morphing – but you can take control for profitable client servicing

Cloud accounting is taking the profession – and its clients – by storm. The problem for firms is that, as the offerings proliferate and continue to morph, how will your systems and staff cope?

From our recent survey of accountants and their SME clients across Australia - "Can the accounting profession 'keep up' with clients and the cloud" – 4 out of 5 professional accountants who are using cloud computing gave it a ringing endorsement. We also know that 59 percent are using two or more of these apps with their clients. But firms are overwhelmingly - 93 percent – accommodating SME preferences, rather than being the technology influencers: "We go with what the client wants, we just have to learn their software."

Read more…